A) Description of the products and services offered
The characteristics of the products given their nature and make-up, may vary in structure, content and colors used for its composition, due necessarily to the existence of seasonal flowers / plants.
In any case, we guarantee that the composition will be of the highest quality, not only in the products used but also in the design that is used.
The compositions where the specified products are specified will be excluded from the previous ones (for example, 12 roses), in which case the product specified by the consumer will be delivered and always of the best quality.

B) Delivery of orders
Orders will be delivered at the designated address of the client, along with a card with the text provided by the client; Therefore, ARÁLIA FLORS assumes no responsibility when the delivery can not be carried out as a result of the fact that the data provided are not correct, or are inaccurate or incomplete.
Hospitals, Hotels, Tanatoris, public bodies and other places where there are restrictions on access to the public in general, the flower orders / plants will be delivered at the reception, or in a similar place, as long as It would not be possible to hand-pick the recipient himself.

C) Delivery date
ARÀLIA FLORS guarantees the delivery for the same day, provided that the order is made before 15:00 local time, and that the delivery day is not festive.
Orders that are requested for delivery at festivals marked and with a strong impact on the sector, such as Mother’s Day, Diada de Sant Jordi, on December 24, etc., will only be guaranteed if they are taken with 24 hours in advance, making the delivery, in any case, as immediately as possible.
For orders that are requested on Saturdays, ARÀLIA FLORS will only guarantee the delivery for the same day if they are made before 11:00 AM local time, and deliveries on Sundays will also be out of guarantee. In the case of special events such as funerals or Weddings from 12:00 AM on Saturday it is not guaranteed delivery Sundays.
Deliveries are not guaranteed on National Holiday days, and may be delivered the previous day if the order was made with sufficient time in advance or, otherwise, on the first business day after the original delivery date, Bidding

D) Delivery time
For all orders, regardless of where it is, ARÀLIA FLORS guarantees delivery during business hours of the requested day, but never in specific or specific hours.
In the case of special events, such as Funerals, Weddings, etc., on a working day, the hours requested by the client will be respected and, in case of impossibility for any reason, the client will be informed immediately Via telephone or email, according to the data provided by the client.

E) Prices
The prices indicated below each product are in euros. The amount of the orders includes the corresponding taxes.

F) Queries
In case of any doubt, you can contact our store through the phones
(34) 93 886 24 45 or 689 06 66 61, from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Or by email at

G) Customer service – Incidents or Claims
In case you want to report an incident in the service, to make a query or to make a claim about the product, the delivery, etc. You have the following options:
Contact our store through telephone (34) 93 886 24 45.
By e-mail, through indicating the order number on which you wish to make the query, indicate the incident or make the corresponding claim.

H) Period to claim
The client may claim the delivery of an order within 15 days after the delivery date.
If the reason for the complaint is the quality of the product delivered, or the composition of said product, you can claim within 24 hours after the delivery date, since if it is done at a later date, since it is a question of A perishable product could not verify the quality or original preparation of the aforementioned product.
If the claim is justified, its compensation will be managed or the resolution that will be applied in each case.