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About us

Aquest és l’equip de l’Aràlia…

This small space is to introduce ourselves, and the best way to do it, if you do not know us yet, is to tell you how we are and how we think.
We are passionate about our work, we enjoy what we do and I think that this is transmitted through our work. We like to treat our customers as we would like to be treated, we are demanding and responsible.
We like to be up-to-date and often do training courses and attend demonstrations. Our philosophy is that there are always things left to learn and everything can always be improved.

Our story

How did everything start …

Everything begins in the spring of 1983, wow!!! Almost 35 years ago, so we will be celebrating it soon!Two years later, Marisa Simon, my sister, becomes the owner of Aràlia and sets up a new Aralia store in La Rambla del Carmen. In 1994, when Marisa decided to change life, business and even city, Ramon and I became the owners of both stores.And here we continue, with the enthusiasm of the first day and very well accompanied by Rosa, Pilar and Neus, three people as important in this story as ourselves.